Michael Rolff

We recently took over our apartment on the Costa Blanca.

It has been a very positive experience to trade with homes-abroad.net and we have throughout the process felt safe and well informed.

We were, by their headquarters in Valencia, set in contact by Kristian Rasmussen from their Costa Blanca office and from the first phone call he was 100% focused on our wishes. We made it very clear what our priorities were and it was immediately clear that he had based the views on our wishes.

When we had decided what property we wanted to buy Kristian made arrangements for contact with the bank and lawyer, and in the period until the takeover he made sure that we had all the necessary information.

The takeover went smoothly and the home-abroad office was still helping with the purchase and delivery of furniture, change of locks, etc.
My best recommendations to anyone who wants to buy a property in Spain.

Michael Rolff

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