Lisbeth & Frank Lindhøj

My wife and I have travelled to Costa Del Sol for several years to relax, enjoy the nice weather, play golf and charge up the batteries a bit.

It was the same every time, it always took a long time to find the right apartment and once we finally found one, it was always rented out when we thought impulsively now we would go again.

It was therefore natural for us to consider buying our own apartment. We traditionally started to go online and search for interesting properties. It soon became clear to us that the Spanish property market has not been united as the Danish one. The realtors down there have many of the same apartments for sale, resulting in a very aggressive sales culture. We were simply overwhelmed by mails and phone calls, which made it impossible to enjoy the process.

A good acquaintance suggested that we should use a “buyers broker” in the process, it doesn’t cost more he said. We were referred to, which we contacted immediately. This was the best thing we could have done and we should have done that from the start! From here everything became all the easier, real estate agents in Spain quickly found out we had a buyer broker and stopped contacting us directly. Instead, it was now our direct contact person Lotte Kristiansen from homes-abroad net which was in charge – a huge relief for us.

Lotte quickly and efficiently decoded our wishes and requirements and in a short period of time we had a nice selection of properties we could look at. We chose 8 apartments that we would like to look into. Everything happened completely without pressure in any way, we even managed the pace. Lotte then arranged visits with the local estate agents so that in two days in the Costa del Sol we had found our dream apartment. We then proceeded with the purchase process where Lotte and was a great help in the negotiations. The buying process in Spain is not as we know it from Denmark.

Even after the purchase, Lotte has been there for us and helped us find all insurances and other small things without having cost us a penny extra. Rarely have we experienced such a comprehensive service.

We are now the happy owners of our little holiday paradise in the Costa del Sol which the whole family can enjoy. We are looking forward to many extended weekends and vacations.

I would recommend to everyone who consider buying a property in Spain to contact Whether it ends up with a property or not – it’s just a lot more enjoyable in this way.

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