Inge Hovland

In winter 2015 we were looking for an apartment in Spain. We were sent some prospects pr. mail from Homes-Abroad, as we went through. We reported back which we wanted to look into and there was agreed an inspection in Easter week, 2015.

We travelled to Torrevieja (Alicante) where we were met by Kristian Rasmussen from Homes-Abroad. During the 2 days of tours to 7 apartments / houses we were finally shown a house that we wanted to buy. Kristian placed a bid and cut with the seller. He agreed with the lawyer so that we got the deal on the same day as we were travelling back home. This was arranged very quickly and saved us a new journey to Spain.

We got everything arranged while we were there and Kristian drove us back to the hotel and we went back to Norway. He followed up with emails and pr. tel. about how the process around the property purchase evolved. When the purchase was approved we agreed the transfer of keys with Kristian. He was in place at the house on time and had made everything ready so that we could get handed over our new house.

This whole process from viewing to the handover has worked to our full satisfaction, and we can recommend Homes-Abroad heartily to anyone who wants to buy house or apartment in Spain.

Inge Hovland

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