Evy Stokholm & Leif Helstrup

1 ½ years ago we were inspired by some pictures on a golf fair in Denmark

And Kristian from Costa Blanca South was a very pleasant man to discuss our situation with.

Later, when we wanted to see examples of holiday homes, he selected several potential homes in the area, which he with great patience showed to us.

However, we got eyes to another area which was the Costa Blanca North area. We then got in contact with the homes-abroad.net Costa Blanca North Office, and in cooperation with local brokers they found some fine examples of holiday homes for our budget, which we could inspect. Trine, who was our contact in the north, have since helped with practical information and contacts, not least to a good lawyer who gave us a good briefing on the costs, taxes, insurance, opening a bank account, etc. – Trine was very helpful to help us get the property for the right price in the end.

It all has now resulted in that we bought a nice holiday home in Costa Blanca North, where we can enjoy relaxation, nature and golf.

We felt we were in good hands and will not hesitate to contact the homes-abroad.net if the need arises upon a possibly sale or a new purchase in the future.

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