Alan Willey

I have been dealing with Homes-abroad since last year regarding the purchase of an apartment in Barcelona.

Back in December I saw a bank repossession sign on a Tower Block regarding purchase of apartments there.

I asked Trine, my direct contact from to find out some information for me regarding this and it transpired that the Tower Block was empty and the Agent there did not know when sales would take place.

Trine kept in touch with the agent constantly, to check on the situation and kept me informed at all times.

In May, Trine informed me that the apartments were being sold at auction and she contacted the agent from the bank and they advised me to bid for 2 apartments and also suggested a realistic bid.

This I did but unfortunately whilst on vacation in California I was advised that my bids had been unsuccessful. Trine from confirmed that I was the second highest bidder on both apartments and that she would keep in touch in case anyone dropped out.

Three weeks later I was informed that a bidder had indeed dropped out and I could have my choice of which of the 2 apartments I wanted.

I then paid the deposit at the end on July and have just made the balance of payment transfer so everything has worked out OK in the end.

I feel that without taking such an interest on my behalf and always keeping me in touch with the situation I would not be getting my apartment. They also recommended an excellent law firm in Barcelona with English speaking staff who have ensured the whole purchasing process has run smoothly.

I feel that anyone wishing to purchase a property in Spain would be getting the best of service if they used to assist them.

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