What is 12-3 share property?

BB Housefinding SL (Homes-abroad.net) welcome you our brand new housing concept in Spain

What is 12-3 share property?

You can now become co-owner of three luxury holiday homes in Spain. You are part of the ownership along with 11 other families who share all expenses and use of all properties.

3 holiday homes are gathered together in a community - an owners association.

The owner association has 12 members (persons/ families). Each person/ family owns 1/12 of the 3 holiday homes

Each person/ family can every year book up to 18 weeks of vacation for their own use of for the use of friends and family.

Al daily administration and the purchase of the holiday homes are handled by the 12-3 administration

Holiday home share

We call the co-ownership of three holiday homes, with up to 18 weeks holiday per year for - a holiday home share. You are awarded each year a fixed number of points which you use when you book the week and holiday homes, you want to visit - all owners are equals.

Enjoy your vacation

Each share owner pays monthly fixed expenses to cover all costs for the three holiday homes - also the administration. So you should not be in charge of administration, maintenance, replacement of furniture etc. You only concern is to enjoy your vacation with your family and/ or friends.

This is a real ownership, not a new form for Timeshare

New concept

This is a new way to own holiday homes. Some may think that this is a new form of timeshare, but it is not! When you own a timeshare, you own the right to use a home - but you do not own any of the property.

Equal to traditional ownership

When you own a holiday home share you actually own 1/12 part of the three homes in Spain - you are simply on the deeds of the properties, which means that you are guaranteed your share of the homes increase in value in the years ahead. Therefore, you can directly compare a 12-3 holiday home share with a traditional ownership of a holiday home in UK and abroad. Here you are just owner, along with 11 other of three holiday homes!


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