About us

About us

Highly personalised service

Our services are highly personalised to suit individual requirements and are handled by qualified Premium partners and experienced support staff, who appreciate fully the importance of establishing professional relationships with each of our clients.

Integrated service

We are in direct contact with most national surveyors, banks, builders and estate agents. We also have close working relationships with specialists in tax planning, building surveying, developments monitoring and offshore trust/company administration to provide our clients with a totally integrated service.

The right way to buy your property

Homes abroad and its Premium partners have been providing clients with an outstanding level of property advice in Spain for more than 10 years.

Christian Adam Boesen

CEO & Founder

Our service include

We provide advice and represent our clients in the process of the purchase or sale of properties all over Spain. We cover the legal and financial services in multiple languages, Spanish, English, French, German, Russian and the Scandinavian languages, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.


Checking the legality of the property, outstanding charges and mortgages.


Negotiation of terms and conditions of the contract of sale and purchase.


Preparation and signing of the private contract.


Application of NIE.


Preparation of power of Attorney (if needed).


Assistance and negotiations with local banks regarding accounts, payments and eventual finance.


Preparation of public deeds.


Assistance and / or representation at the notary office.


Payment of taxes and related fees (Notary, registry, Plusvalue).


Change of ownership before Spanish authorities (townhall, Catastro,registry etc.).


Contracts and direct debits for utilities.

Tax forms

Completion and lodging of tax forms before Inland Revenue.

We understand the importance of the purchase to our customers and will inform of all actions during the process, so you can feel comfortable and well advised in all aspects.